VIDEO: AOC is Turning on Joe Biden

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AOC is turning on joe biden the socialist squad leader furiously slamming the president's border wall you turn which has in building 20 new miles of barrier in texas biden continues to say that walls don't work but he had no choice the big bad republicans and congress tied his hands and forced him to build it but AOC says that excuse ain't going to cut it quote the president needs to take responsibility for this decision and reverse course walls only served to push migrants into more remote areas
increasing their chances of death it is a cruel policy AOC is also airing her grievances from her couch it's a terrible idea i think it's a broken promise but additionally let's say you completely disagree on this you could build a great big trumpy wall on the entire u.s southern border and it's still not going to fix this problem the us and us foreign policy is contributing
to the displacement of millions of people in south america to begin with and if we do not address the migrant crisis at its route it is still going to continue to be a problem wait judge did she just get to the root causes yeah she should call up camala i mean the root the causes are that the us foreign policy is contributing to people trying to get into the united states this is so crazy look joe biden when he's asked why did you do this he
said i was told i had no choice so the president of the united states isn't really willing to explain anything and corren jean pierre says he is complying with the law which requires him to build a wall so people in the press said well what law is that who where does it say he's got to build the wall and carine john pierre says well i don't call the department of justice i'm not a lawyer they don't even know why they know why because they're they're on the bottom in terms of the polls but i think the
interesting thing about all this is that uh they made a decision people on the left like AOC are furious so he's now in a tough situation because the progressives who help get him in are now furious with him so to me he can't reconcile the two he can't say here's the law i had to do it and now by the way the the venezuelans 470,0 of them were welcome two weeks ago we were getting them all work permits now he's going to start deporting them
either he's a schizophrenica or had a lobotomy i don't know which one it is but here's the bottom line point the bottom line is this joe biden because he is angering the progress because his numbers are so bad they've got to move from the left he's not going to be running for president they're going to put somebody else in he can't make the two ends meet he's he's a gonner now jessica do you believe that's the reason we're seeing record migration is because united states is meddling in latin america which
we have been doing for what hundreds of years i i think that people in a post covid world or towards the end and now post covid are picking up in the numbers in terms of coming in are certainly making the journey what happened with title 42 has to do with it um that covid well covid certainly had an effect on mass migration all over the world not just here with our southern border um the policy though that biden's talking about is the 2019 rule that congress passed so the
congress's job to do this biden says we tried to reappropriate the funds they wouldn't let us do it but i do think that there's hidden benefits to this remember when the courts kept saying that title 42 had to be extended so the biden administration could say it's not us we don't want it but it ended up being something that was kind of styming migration a little bit so this might have kind of like the backhanded benefit but biden should really consider embracing i'm not saying going as far as deporter in chief but both bill clinton and barack obama had reputations
for being quite harsh about the border and it didn't hurt them electorally they both got resoundingly reelected and that is an option here and the fact that people like mayor adams are heading down to the border um what's going on chicago dc and everyone is apoplectic about it you might want to embrace being a little bit harsher about it and just own it you remember when you were bragging a couple months ago that biden reduced illegal immigration i remember i remember that i remember you were spiking the football he fixed the problem
i said that there was an app kennedy yeah the app is broken it got hacked by the cartels kennedy okay so there are a number of things going on here AOC god if only she knew someone in congress because we have a horrible immigration system we also have awful border security those are two separate things but liberals like to just talk about immigration and border security as though border security in a fence is so inhumane well a bad
immigration system is also inhumane and it is also so complicated and so bureaucratic it's impossible for people to immigrate to this country legally it is so much easier to go to mexico or go to
or el salvador go through mexico and come into this country because you can pretty much work anywhere the system is set up for that uh what i love is in new york city we have a congress woman who represents part of new york city and the mayor of new york city at odds on this very issue it is not up to the mayor to determine federal policy it is up to the federal government but they have completely uh given up their responsibility to protect this country and to protect this city so now places
like california including los angeles and san francisco and new york have to rethink what it means to be a sanctuary city because that is something they said in words they never intended for this to happen and to have the welfare state completely overrun because you cannot have a broken immigration system that leads to open borders and a massive welfare state it is mathematically unsustainable greg gutfeld when you see a politician lay down on the couch and explain things to you does that make you more convinced or less uh
i got sleepy though i wanted some hot coco i want to i do want to know what the root cause is but more importantly i want to know if she really wants to know what the root causes cuz i think i know what it is these people that are coming here prefer this evil capitalistic racist country the country that people like AOC just trash every single day and you know why they like this country buse it's better too bad what you're seeing is their progressive luxury belief
implode before their eyes before the buses she could pantamime her phony sorrow at the border and virtue signal over sanctuary cities but now that her constituents are being affected illegal immigrants are everywhere in new york city they're in public spaces they're using public services they're even taking jobs which actually for cheaper they're taking jobs uh for cheaper pay that's happening right now that's got to be affecting the voters in her in her uh area until they address
until they address the border they got to keep sending him sending him send him to AOC's turf send him to her street the only way we get to the point where the democrats act and act whether it's politically or morally it's hard to tell is if they feel the consequences of their own policies so i say i mean this was a stroke of genius and it's working because now you're finally getting these people to the table the next step is whether or not they're going to agree that assimilation is is is is good
or evil because remember if you want to come here you should want to assimilate because you love this country you need to leave your flag behind right you don't come in and plant your flag you have to come here and say i love this place i want to know why this place is so great but if you say that that means that somehow you know that's our country's preferrable to theirs and that's racist do you think AOC could say that the united states is better than you think we're just different countries yeah different countries okay hey Sean Hannity here hey