‘Sound of Freedom': How a Mediocre Movie Turned the Culture War into Profit

image: alamy

"Sound of Freedom" is a movie that has been making waves in the media recently, not for its cinematic excellence, but for its controversial subject matter and the way it has been marketed12. The film tells the story of Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent who founded Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit organization that works to rescue children from sex trafficking1. Here are the key takeaways from the article:

The Plot

  • The film follows a version of Mr. Ballard’s life story, as he is radicalized by his work combating child porn at the Department of Homeland Security, quits, and tries to rescue children himself1.
  • He infiltrates rebel-held territory in Colombia, single-handedly beats to death a slave-driving child-rapist, and rescues his victim, then miraculously flees by stolen speedboat amid a storm of gunfire1.

The Controversy

  • The film has been criticized for its unrealistic depiction of sex trafficking1.
  • Left-leaning critics contend that the children are too young, such kidnapping is rare, and most victims are exploited by people they know and trust1.
  • Scenes of Mr. Ballard reuniting a trafficked Honduran child with his father at the offices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, filmed at a time when in real life that agency was separating Central American children from their parents, are jarring1.

The Marketing

  • The film has been marketed as a "conservative" movie, with the filmmakers and distributors targeting conservative audiences through social media and conservative media outlets1.
  • The film has been praised by conservative commentators, who see it as a counter to Hollywood's liberal bias1.
  • The film's marketing strategy has been successful, with the film grossing over $10 million at the box office1.

The Future

  • The controversy surrounding the film is a reminder of the ongoing culture war in the United States and the power of media to shape public opinion1.
  • It remains to be seen how the controversy will impact the ongoing fight against sex trafficking5.


"Sound of Freedom" is a mediocre movie that has turned the culture war into profit. The controversy surrounding the film highlights the ongoing challenges facing efforts to combat sex trafficking and the power of media to shape public opinion.