Lauren Boebert breaks up with Democrat bar owner who groped her during ‘Beetlejuice’ date

  1. Lauren Boebert, a further-right Republican representative, has ended her relationship with Quinn Gallagher, a bar owner, after he was seen groping her during a date at a Colorado theater1.
  2. Boebert returned to Washington D.C. and stated that all future date nights between her and Gallagher have been canceled1.
  3. Boebert mentioned that she learned the importance of checking party affiliations before going on a date, referring to Gallagher’s affiliation as a Democrat1.
  4. The breakup was not related to recent reports about Gallagher but rather a peaceful parting between two private individuals1.
  5. Boebert, known for her opposition to trans rights, was caught on camera smoking what appeared to be a vape