Ford Reaches Tentative Labor Deal with Canadian Autoworkers

Ford Motor Company has reached a tentative labor deal with the Canadian autoworkers' union, Unifor, potentially averting a strike that could have disrupted production and supply chains1.

Here are the key bullet points:

  • Ford has reached a tentative labor deal with Unifor, the Canadian autoworkers' union, after weeks of negotiations1.
  • The deal includes a $1.8 billion investment in Ford's Canadian operations, which will support the production of electric vehicles and batteries1.
  • If ratified, the agreement will secure jobs for approximately 5,400 Ford workers in Canada and create 450 new positions1.
  • The Canadian government has committed to supporting the deal through various incentives, including a $590 million investment in Ford's Oakville assembly plant1.
  • The agreement also includes wage increases, improved benefits, and a pathway to permanent employment for temporary workers1.