Disturbing Gen Z Social Media Trend Threatens America’s Most Important Institution

According to an opinion piece on Fox News, there is a new trend sweeping social media platforms that denigrates the institution of marriage while promoting the virtues of a single lifestyle. The article highlights several examples of this trend, including viral TikTok videos that portray marriage as a form of indentured servitude and celebrities warning their fans about the pitfalls of marriage. The rise of online dating, career-focused aspirations, and changing gender dynamics are cited as factors contributing to this shift in societal attitudes toward marriage and relationships.

The author argues that this trend reflects a broader decline in national pride and patriotism among younger generations. A recent poll found that only 16 percent of Gen Z’ers are proud to live in the United States. The article suggests that the indoctrination happening in schools may be influencing young people’s negative opinions about America2. The author contends that it is important to educate young people about the history and values of the United States to counteract this trend.

The blog post concludes by acknowledging that marriage, like any significant life choice, comes with trade-offs and sacrifices. It emphasizes the need for open dialogue and understanding between generations to navigate these societal changes.