Debris from missing F-35 found, but questions remain about how it was lost

  • The debris field found outside Charleston, South Carolina, has been confirmed to be the remains of an F-35 that went missing on Sunday after a reported "mishap" or "malfunction" in which the jet's pilot ejected from the craft146.
  • The recovery process for the debris and the F-35B Lightning II has begun, but it has not been publicly confirmed what led the pilot to eject or what brought the F-35 down13.
  • The cost of the loss of the highly sophisticated stealth plane is around $100 million, according to the Marines15.
  • Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., expressed frustration at the lack of answers regarding the incident1.
  • The incident highlights the importance of safety and accountability in military operations, particularly in the context of advanced technology and high-stakes missions15.