China's former foreign minister fired over love child with American woman

  • Former Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang was fired from his job as Beijing's top diplomat after an internal investigation by the Chinese Communist Party revealed he had fathered a love child in the United States during his time as ambassador to Washington1.
  • Qin's affair with the child's mother, believed to be extramarital on his part, reportedly lasted for his entire 18-month tenure in DC, where he was the go-to diplomat for relations with the US1.
  • The incident highlights the potential impact of personal behavior on political careers and the importance of maintaining high ethical standards in public office1.
  • CCP officials were briefed in August on the reason for Qin's dismissal, with investigators confirming the baby was born in the US1.
  • The situation also raises questions about the potential impact of the incident on US-China relations and the potential for diplomatic fallout1.