Biden snubs NYC Mayor Adams amid migrant crisis surge

  • President Biden failed to set up a meeting with New York City Mayor Eric Adams while in town for the UN General Assembly this week, amid the escalating migrant crisis in the city1.
  • Adams expressed disappointment at the snub, saying that New York City has already spent $2 billion on the crisis and will spend $5 billion more in the current fiscal crisis1.
  • The snub highlights a deepening rift between Biden and Adams, who was once dubbed the "Biden of Brooklyn" and the president's favorite mayor1.
  • The escalating humanitarian crisis is battering the city and the country, and the failure to address it is a "terrible look," according to a City Hall source1.
  • The incident underscores the importance of leadership and cooperation in addressing complex social and political issues, particularly in the context of a global pandemic and its impact on migration patterns.